Building Latin America’s
Next Energy Platform

With a Disciplined Growth Strategy Centered on Value Creation

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Colombian Natural Gas Production that is Lower-Risk, Scalable and Repeatable

With a proven track record, deep inventory and secure long-term contracts, LNG Energy Group will continue to expand its portfolio and deliver results.

Turnkey, Vertically Integrated Operating Platform

From the drawing board to the sales point, LNG Energy Group is involved in every aspect of the planning and production process.

Veteran Operations and Management Team that can Deliver Value

With 40+ years of experience in natural gas and 17+ years of operations in Colombia, LNG Energy Group understands how to grow in international jurisdictions.

Lewis Energy Colombia Has Been a Trail Blazer in Colombia and LNG Energy Group Will Continue to Build Upon That Success

Lewis Energy Colombia began Operating in Colombia in 2008 after field geologists in the SSJN Basin found oil wells
still producing after 100 years, signaling there were untapped resources in place.
Natural Gas Production Timeline