Robust ESG Track Record and Strategy

ESG Track Record & Strategy

Our Approach

Our approach to ESG initiatives is to lead our operations, team and strategy through a lens that is meant to improve the quality of life of all our stakeholders from an environmental, social and governance perspective. We are working towards joining the UN Global Compact and will seek environmental performance ratings going forward (MSCI, Bloomberg, Refinitiv, S&P, ISS, etc)

Sustainability Committee

LNG Energy Group has an ESG and Sustainability Committee to review and implement our ESG and sustainability strategies and initiatives.

Environmental Initiatives

Beyond extensive monitoring and GHG emissions reduction, the Company shall seek to build or acquire a renewables business unit.

Social Initiatives

Ensuring local communities are consulted and actively engaged in the projects. Continuing to promote and advance the workforce on a gender equitable basis. Achieve Gender Diversity Equipares Silver certification from the Colombian Ministry of Labour in collaboration with the UNDP.

Governance Initiatives

From the Board of Directors to our operational teams, we expect to conduct our business ethically and in compliance with laws and our corporate values. We have sound risk management and controls processes, sustainability reporting guidelines and a governance structure for integrating the views of our various stakeholders.

Integrated Management Systems

LNG Energy Group has met ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 standards.

These systems help us work more efficiently and reduce product failures, enhance our environmental
performance, and standardize our HSE to ensure better, safer working conditions for our employees.

Initiatives to Reduce GHG Emissions

Robust ESG Track Record and Strategy

Power Generation

Replacement of Power Generation from diesel to natural gas. Reduction of:

24% CO2 · 69% CO · 80% N2O · 86% SO2 · 94% MP

Eliminate Btex Emissions

Installation of 3 Btex Units to eliminate Btex (VOC) emissions.

Condensation and Treatment VOC 100%

Reduce Fugitive Emissions

Capture and flaring of fugitive emissions (CH4) in venting safety procedures.

100% CH4 Reduction

AC with Inverter Tech

100% Replacement of air conditioning with inverter technology. Replacement of R-22 refrigerant gas.

50% Energy Consumption and Eco Friendly

New Technology

Implementation of new technologies that reduces pressure losses in compression modules by 20%.

5-20% Reduction in Energy Consumption

LED Lighting

Replacement of lights in all locations resulting in a 450Mcf reduction of gas consumption/month.

Elimination of halogen RESPEL wastes